When the decision was made establishing the SL Schwedt logistics in 2006, the managing director could already rely on an intensive experience in the field of logistics.
The headcount of young and small company grew with there tasks, in 2007 our company has been recognized as IHK certified apprenticing company.
But not only the staffing level was adapted to the logistical challenge time. The
principle of flexibility, became a corporate dogma and so the fleet was rised up.
In order to meet any customer needs, the company policy focused on the lease, rent and charter cargo capacity.

As Intersectoral difficult the years 2009 and 2010 constitute, due to the financial crisis went through the Schwedt logistics through a difficult period. However, these difficulties could also be used to build a stronger customer loyalty. Unfortunately formed over the economically weak years a certain investment backlog at, it was not until 2011 that completely break down. A milestone in our history is the 2013. After 7 years of service left us one of our two managing directors, for personal reasons.
What would have triggered a crisis in many companies, was perceived by us as an opportunity and reacted accordingly.
Nowadays we have the most modern vehicles, which are also the omnipresent environmental problems justice.
This holistic concept is reflected in the continued investment in our fleet again. In 2014, we surpassed the first time the legal requirements for emission standards, since we with a third of our vehicles, the Euro 6 Norm einhielten this year.
Also infrastructure technically we improved ourselves continuously and expanded over the years significantly our storage and handling capacity.

Despite these sometimes turbulent years we are as a regional company and as an employer still aware of our roots. A personal customer loyalty is as important to us as our in-house working environment. For motivated and dedicated employees, and satisfied customers are our recipe for success and the guarantee for our future economic success. 


SL Schwedt Logistik GmbH

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