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We are especially proud of our modern fleet.
All vehicles meet the Euro 5 emissions standard and all are curtainsider with Code XL certification.
We use the current technical possibilities for environmental protection and to increase vehicle safety.

  • Semilowloader
  • Open Trailer
  • Gooseneck
  • Walking-Floor



13.6 loadingmeters, 34 pallets pitches, 25 tons payload, 2.48m interior width 13.6m certified internal length 3.0m interior height 2.90m loading height sideways, Edscha roof, 100m³, Code XL

120 , 7.85x7.85m interior length, 2.50m interior width, 3.0m interior height, 2.90m loading height sideways, partly to with Edscha top, 24 t payload

13.6 LDM (loadingmeter), 34 pallets pitches, 25 t payload, pallet box with 34 Euro pallets, 2.48m interior width 13.6m inner length 2.70m interior height 2.60m loading height sideways, Edscha roof 91m³, Code XL certification, partly ADR equipment

 13,6 loadingmeters, 24 t payload, 13,6m interior length, 2,50m interior width, 2,65m interior height, temperature range -10 °C to + 30 °C, partly ADR equipment,
partially double-decker capable

97 , 7,20x7,20m interior length, 2,50m inside width, 2,70m interior height, 2,90m lateral loading height, 24 t payload

45 m³ aluminum box body, double doors with double-sided grain slide, 9.52m internal length (pallet utilization) 10.54m internal length, 2.44m internal width, dump sunroof, 27 t payload, pallet wide range

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