"Just in Time" and "Just in Sequence", are extremely sophisticated and specialized logistics concepts that are particularly aimed at the minimization of costs and maximum efficiency. But the more efficient such an approach is the more susceptible it is.

Especially in chaotic times, as was the case in recent winters, especially the intent on continuous raw material supply companies, the importance of warehousing are aware. Because only sufficient material reserve, minimizes the risk of production stoppage. Private storage is basically expensive, so take advantage of our opportunities to minimize these costs.

Outsourcing is the key word here! We are happy to take the material reserve for you and lead if needed to your production on demand.

We have 1500m² warehouse capacity and see us through various handling equipment able to individually adapt to the needs of your shipment. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you an immediate, tailored to your "supply chain" needs.

We can support you with our barn and our open-air storage as effective as support with our specialized storage of dangerous goods. For more information about the hazardous material storage, or the ADR requirement transports see the point dangerous.

Thanks to our modern warehouse, we have the possibility of weather-independent envelope. We can rely on heavy duty forklift trucks and a special overhead crane. Thus we are able to load and unload every kind of truck.







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