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  • Consulting, Planning, Delivering
    ... competent handling of your supply chain
  • Our goal
    customer satisfaction

From no other buisness will more flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness expected as from the transport logistics.
To fullfill these expetations, grown experience is indispensable,
but also innovative ideas and continuous improvement are essential.

As a modern forwarding agency we are not bound in frozen system processes and thus we are able to
Hand in Hand soulutions with each customer to develop an appropriate, efficient and customized logistics concept.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, because as a service provider it is our task,
to facilitate the work and thus the daily business of our customers make more efficient.

We have specialized in the most flexible means of transport, the truck.
However, we also have the skills to be able to organize any shipments by air, sea, or train.


SL Schwedt Logistik GmbH

Gewerbepark Meyenburg 1
16303 Schwedt/O. 
OT Berkholz-Meyenburg
Tel.: (03332) 26 70 78-0
Fax: (03332) 26 70 78-20