Our vehicles are in Germany and in Europe on the go for our customers. Even in unusual destinations such as Bornholm, Mallorca, Iceland, Malta or the Azores you will find in us a reliable partner.
We always find a way, because only when you are satisfied, we are too.

We guarantee you:

100% of customer protection and neutrality,
timely development of part and full loads throughout Europe
immediate shipment tracking

We are happy to take over distribution of general cargo for eastern Germany, it doesn´t matter if part or full load. Also border to border traffic even as utility room traffic, e.g. in the CIS or overseas is our business.
Also for special transports in oversized transport requirements, can we offer you logistic concepts that are tailored to your needs.

We use the railway junctions in Schwedt / Oder and Pinnow, and even as the "Hohen-Saatener Friedrichstaler Wasserstraße" for transshipment by barge. Thus we are able to combine the modes of transport by road, rail and waterways for you. Air transport is not one of our core competencies, but we have enough partners to be able to use a wide range of services here.

Furthermore, we offer open and closed storage facilities, if necessary for hazardous goods.
Consult with confidence to our team, because: "Do not go - is a nogo!"
Our slogan: "Forward ever, backward never!"


SL Schwedt Logistik GmbH

Gewerbepark 1
16306 Berkholz-Meyenburg
Tel.: (03332) 26 70 78-0
Fax: (03332) 26 70 78-20